Registering your tenant to your subscription

Once the installation is complete (the app is in the catalog), the tenant needs to be registered

Before you begin, you MUST have the following information:

Subscription ID.   This was emailed to you when you purchased the product

Email Address:  That was used for the subscription purchase

To register a tenant, watch this video

Each tenant will need to be registered individually

End User Guide to PDF Markup Editor

This video is the end-user guide to the PDF Markup Editor Tool

This short video explains it all.



Subscription Costs

Are the costs monthly?

Yes, they are monthly.

If you downgrade your plan, the downgrade will appear at the end of your monthly billing cycle

You can change your plan via the Admin screen. See this video.

There are discounts for education and military customers.  Ask our sales staff for prices

To cancel a subscription, log in Recurly.

You will need to create a recurly account to cancel

Need A Customization?

This page should answer your immediate customization questions.

Q1:  Can all the code be run in the client’s Azure environment?

A1:  Yes it can. The subscription product offering currently runs the PDF editing process in our hosted environment and saves the PDF file to the client’s SharePoint environment. That would be seen as a custom job and would bypass our subscription process. Speak to sales via the chat for pricing on private hosting in your Azure.

Q2:  Can there be customizations to this product?

A2:  Yes. Speak to sales via the chat to schedule a discovery call on your requirements. Our services are very affordable, and we are open to your thoughts and roadmap ideas – in some cases providing substantial discounts.

Licensing Questions

A subscription license can be installed on multiple M365 tenants.

That doesn’t apply to the Freemium trial subscription

If the PDF app is installed on multiple tenants, the same subscription can be applied. The licensing is user-based, not tenant-based.

e.g. – if an organization has three tenants, it only needs to purchase one subscription.

If your organization has more than 20users, please contact sales.

Our payment gateway is Recurly. That will appear on your credit card statement.

A single subscription may be used across multiple organizations or M365 tenants. Because the subscription model is user-based, we don’t mind whether there are two subscriptions for 50 users – or 50 subscriptions for 50 users. Ours is a user-based subscription model

Useful Links:

Prices and Plans


Correct permissions – Read this before you start your installation to the tenant.

It’s always best to get things prepped and to confirm that you have the adequate permissions for your tenant.

Confirm the following:

  • Proper permissions
  • App Catalog

To confirm that you have the correct admin access, you can:

1. Go to your SharePoint admin center page:

To confirm, sign in to as a global or SharePoint admin. Note: If you see a message that you don’t have permission to access the page, you don’t have Office 365 administrator permissions in your organization. Please speak to your internal IT.

You will need “Global-administrator” level permission to access or create/use an app catalog site.

2.  Go to the Admin Centers page

2. If you don’t have an app catalog, create one. See these Microsoft instructions.

Each O365 tenant with a working license for its installation will require an app catalog

Once you have the correct admin access and your app catalog is created, you are ready to start your installation.


PDF Tool Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

What is the PDF Privacy Statement?

This can be found here

The Terms can be found here

The Company privacy policy can be found here

You may request the deletion of your email address or Subscription Service by sending a request here.


Installation Guide

This knowledge base article contains installation instructions.

Useful Links

Need to manage your Recurly subscription?

Don’t have a recurly subscription?

Need to cancel a subscription?

Installation Guide

The PDF App File –  Download this

First-time end users

Error – No tokens were found for the given scopes

This message occurs when opening a PDF.

Error – No tokens were found for the given scopes

This is a user caching issue. Need to clear the browser cache.

To resolve this issue, please try the below steps to clear site data from browser:

  1. Open the document in PDF Editor, where you are facing this issue in browser. Wait till the completion of page load and error popup appears.
  2. Press “F12” to open the developer tools.
  3. Click on “Applications” tab. And then click on “Storage” from the left navigation.


Scroll down into the right section and make sure all checkboxes are checked.


  • Click on “Clear site data” button.


Close the developer console.

cach4Refresh the page.

General Technical Assumptions

  • This tool will work on both classic and modern pages, as well as in MS Teams and OneDrive (subscription required).
  • PDF files saved in SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive can be edited
  • Azure is not required in your environment unless you request that. If so, we will configure the installation for your environment
  • NO on-premise version. This tool is for M365, Sharepoint, Teams, and OneDrive only.
  • Best results are with the Chrome or Edge browsers – NOT Internet Explorer
  • Cookies need to be set on the user’s browser.
  • This tool will only mark up PDF files. Sorry, but we had to say that!!!! 😆
  • The App catalog must be set up on each tenant. Each tenant requires that the PDF Markup custom app be deployed to that environment. Further reading: App Catalog
  • There are two parts to this tool: the code in the App Catalog, which works in the libraries of the 365 tenant, and the PDF editor part, which is run in our hosted environment
  • Mobile usage.  When editing PDF’s from a smartphone, use the Edge browser for best results
  • Create PDF files from a Power App? No, but this article explains how to do this.

Useful Links

Installation Guide

See FAQ’s

Security Questions