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Helpful questions and answers for you, before you install the PDF Markup Tool:

Q1:  What data is being stored outside the M356 tenant environment?

A1:  The following information is stored in our databases:

  • The admin is associated with the tenant, along with the contact number, email address, and tenant ID.
  • FYI your M365 tenant ID is public knowledge – it’s not a secret. Just go to this web site:

  • The expiration date of your plan
  • The last time a user used the PDF Markup tool
  • The tenant IDs associated with the subscription

The following information is stored with Recurly  – our online store and payment gateway:

  • Credit card information
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Contact person

The following information is NOT stored or captured by us (no slurping of your data):

  • Active directory IDs or passwords
  • Actual PDF files. Those are always stored in your M365 document libraries.
  • Your browser history

Q2: Is there integration with SharePoint?

A2: Your PDF file is saved in the SharePoint document library, so a Flow can be triggered.   The PDF tool complements SharePoint functionality, rather than replaces it.

This will even work with MS Teams if you are paying for that subscription.

Q3: What happens when my subscription ends?

A3: You’ll need to have a working credit card applied to the subscription. Billing is monthly, with auto-renewal.

Q4:  Where are the markup edits saved?

A4: Every annotation is saved in the PDF file in your M356 SharePoint Document Library, not in our or your Azure environment.  Customers have requested functionality for this to be stored in a database, or exported to Excel.   This can be done, but this will be viewed as a custom deployment.

Q5: How does version control work?

A5: Use version control that is part of a SharePoint document library.

The tool complements M365, rather than competing with it   

Q6: Does the subscription work on different M365 tenants?

A6: Yes. Just use the same subscription ID.

It’s a bit different from most subscriptions that are sometimes tenant-based. See Licensing for details

Q7:  Can the SoHo Team install the product for me?

A7:   Yes.  We can help with the odd question, but if you want us to work with your IT to install and troubleshoot, that requires an additional fee. We are very happy to help.

Q8: Can I try before I buy?

A8: Of course. We have a Freemium license. See pricing and plans

A9: I want to try before I buy, but do not have a tenant to install the product, can you help?

A9: Microsoft provides a free M365 platform.  This can be used to install the product

Q10: Why do you need my credit card for the free version?

A10:  It makes the purchasing upgrade process easier.

Q11:  Can more than 1 person edit the PDF at the same time.  Like a Google Doc?

A11:   No

Q12:  Can the editor edit Jpeg, PNG files?

A12:   Yes, but not EPS (Illustrator) files

Q13:  Can authors perform co authoring on a PDF file

A13:  No.   Not ‘M365 Word style editing’ Where users can see each other

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