Concurrent PDF edits

Subscription models for SoHo Dragon's PDF88 markup tool include  "M365 Plus," which allows concurrent PDF edits so that multiple users can edit the same PDF file simultaneously with Google-style comments.


M365 Plus Prices:  

The Base subscription: - $12.88/month/user, as stated on our website.

The M365 Plus annual subscription charge is $8,000/year (annual payment/unlimited users). This is in addition to the Base subscription cost. So, for example, with 30 users, the annual (Base and Plus) subscription will be $12,636.8.

$421/user/year $35/user/month
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 This feature works in Document libraries, MS Teams, and OneDrive

Because of liabilities and compliance, the file comments will be stored in your Azure SQL tables, not ours, so there is no content stored outside your Azure env. 

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