On-Prem Deployment

This page should answer your on-prem, custom-deployment questions.

Sometimes clients want a dedicated installation in their environment rather than a subscription model.

We can install PDF88, our PDF markup tool, in your environment, to provide the following additional functionality:

  • Google style PDF concurrent editing
  • OCR
  • Convert images to PDF 

See Feature List page

Further on-prem questions and answers follow.

Q1: What are the SharePoint versions of a deployment? 

A2:  On-prem - within the customers environment, either M365 / Azure, SharePoint Server 2016 or 2019

Q2:  How does the pricing model work?

A2: Because there are installation costs to the client's environment and the PDF tool has more functionality, the costs are more than the subscription model stated on the product page.

The pricing model is based on these three factors:

  1. How many daily users will be using the tool?  This doesn’t necessarily need to be the whole company.
  2. What is the typical document activity count of a user?
  3. How many daily interactions (sessions) are occurring with a user?

Our sales team will work with you on your requirements. Please use the chat window to contact our sales team.

NOTE:  For an on-prem deployment to be commercially viable, the user base needs at least 50+ users.

Q3:  Can there be customizations to this product?

A3:  Yes. Speak to sales via chat to schedule a discovery call on your requirements. Our services are very affordable, and we are open to your thoughts and roadmap ideas – in some cases providing substantial discounts.

 Q4:  Can you perform enterprise deployments with enterprise prices?

A4:   Yes, speak to sales in the chat.

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