General Technical Assumptions

  • This tool will work on both classic and modern pages, as well as in MS Teams and OneDrive.
  • PDF files saved in SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive can be edited. See video
  • Azure is not required in your environment unless you request that. If so, we will configure the installation for your environment
  • Yes,  there's an on-premise version
  • Best results are with the Chrome or Edge browsers – NOT Internet Explorer
  • Cookies need to be set on the user’s browser.
  • This tool will only mark up PDF files. Sorry, but we had to say that!!!! 😆
  • The App catalog must be set up for each tenant. Each tenant requires that the PDF Markup custom app be deployed to that environment. Further reading: App Catalog
  • There are two parts to this tool: the code in the App Catalog, which works in the libraries of the 365 tenant, and the PDF editor part, which is run in our hosted environment.
  • Mobile usage.  When editing PDF’s from a smartphone, use the Edge browser for the best results.
  • Create PDF files from a Power App? No, but this article explains how to do this.

Useful Links

Installation Guide

See FAQ’s

Security Questions

On-Prem / custom deployment questions